CMS (Customer Management System for Micro Financiers or Micro Loan Offices).

CMS will manage your Customers Loans, Payments, Payment History and future pay days, it will calculate pay days. links you to Management Tools and with strict Rules applied reduce your Risk, currently we have less than 2% Bad Debts overall after 60 Days.

Easy to use with help 24/7 available  over the Phone or Internet. We are also willing to adabt to your needs, if your idea will benefit the Capenet Group overall. We are always open to new ideas.

CMS software includes a Link to Credit Bureaux's such as Creditscan (In house link directly to Transunion ITC), Compuscan and the NLR (National Credit Regulator) via Saccra *

We are in the process of Linking to Nu-Pay and Allps both of them Payment Collection Systems.

A list of Reports available to monitor day to day activities.

A Cashup or Day-end are available to Manage daily Loans, Payments and expenses.

We have Security systems such as Biometrix, Signature Pads and Cameras in place.

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Offers a Life-Style Benefit Product (LBP), for a minimum fee, the LBP will add products that you and your Customer will benefit from.
For instance: Debt Waiver, LegalAid, LegalAccess to Documentation, Legal Consulting etc...

Other Product and features in CMS:
1. We reduced Paper copies to the Mimumum with our Siganature Pad.
2. Biometrix enable yo to control fraud, inside and out.
3. Creditscan our intern Credit Check sytem saves you money and reduce unnecessary risks.
4. Our Camera system take Photos of Customers for later identification.